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70 Words for 2010 (if you enjoy thinking differently once in a while).

David Martin

Business thinkers:  celebrate the holiday season with the gift of great ideas.

Seth Godin, the innovator, writer, and blogger guru, has persuaded 70 other innovators, writers, and bloggers to participate in a project he calls What Matters NowClick here to download for FREE.

The idea is simple: Each of them suggests one word that all of us should think about in 2010, and then takes one page to explain why and how that word matters.

Caution: once you start reading it, you might not be able to put it down (or click the X button, since you will probably be reading it on your screen).  Unfortunately, nothing about this collection of ideas will close your eyes or put you to sleep. But if you put some of these eye-opening ideas to work, they may just help you to sleep more soundly in 2010, which promises to be another year of challenge and change.