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Some Ways to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

David Martin

I became an American in 2009.  I am a citizen of this wonderful country not by birth, but by choice.

Today, as a fellow American I’d like to invite you to honor the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  You can choose to participate in this simple exercise with me:

1.      Play this video [5 minutes].  You can close your eyes if you want to. 
2.     Think about how you can make an impact in our community.
3.     Share your thoughts and ideas on this page (comments.)

Dr. King's legacy includes his steadfast commitment to civil rights and non-violent social change. What better way to pick up on the theme than by applying such principles to our own community. Among the questions we might ask ourselves: Do all our neighbors have equal access to mental health resources? Are our best mental health resources evenly accessible by all? Are the children struggling with mental health issues destined for healthy adult lifestyles? These are a few possible places to begin our mission.

What's your dream?

Share it here with a comment.