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Daring Way(TM) groups starting soon in Houston, TX

David Martin

This is a guest post by Ruby Renz. She is a therapist in private practice and provides counseling services in Houston, TX.    If you want to guest post on this blog, get in touch with me:

Imagine yourself at extended-family holiday gatherings in a few months.  You are calm, serene and yes, even joyful.  You let the comments about your (fill in the blank: job, weight, children, spouse, lack of children or spouse, etc.) roll off your back.  You are truly happy to learn that your (fill in the blank: siblings, high school friends, old boy/girlfriends, arch rivals, etc.) are all outrageously successful, have exemplary children, look 20 years younger than they are and have deeply happy marriages.

You are comfortable being you.

What happened to the shame, comparison and disengagement that used to consume you?  Why aren't you caught up in a "hustle for worthiness," trying to prove that you're just as good as everyone else?

Maybe you have been deliberately working on discovering what holds you back in life.  Maybe part of that work was participating in a Daring Way™ group, based on the shame resiliency research of Brené Brown, PhD.  With a few others you courageously searched for what triggers your shame and fear, recognized it for what it is and learned how to take its power away.

Dealing with our shame is not a once-and-for-all-time effort.  The Daring Way™ doesn't work magic.  Here's what it does do: it gives you insight and tools, and encouragement from and connection with others who "get" what holds you back from wholehearted living because they are in the same boat.

If you participate in a group, you may feel worse before you feel better.  You will definitely do some hard inner work.  You will quite likely need to let go of some old behaviors that don't work anymore--maybe never worked.  You will practice being vulnerable with others while keeping safe boundaries.

If you do the hard work, you can expect to see more courage, compassion and connection in yourself.  You will begin to figure out not only what triggers your shame but what values keep you grounded and moving forward to becoming your best self.  You will learn to "show up, be seen, live brave™."

You will begin to feel comfortable in your own skin.

If this sounds like something you're ready for, take a look at this attached flyer.  Contact me to discuss your participation in a group.  Groups begin soon and are kept small by design.  Give yourself permission to show up.  Get a head start on the family holiday gatherings.

Daring Greatly,

Ruby Renz, M.Ed., MDivBL
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator