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IN-BETWEEN -John Ortberg, Ph.D.

David Martin

This is a summary of some of what John Ortberg, Ph.D. talked about at the AACC 2011:

"This isn’t Sunday.  This isn’t Friday.  This is Saturday.  The day after this, but the day before that.  The day after a prayer gets prayed, but before it gets answered.  The day after a soul gets crushed way down, but before it gets lifted up at all.  It’s this kind of strange day, this Saturday.  It’s the in-between day.  Not Friday.  Not Sunday.  In-between despair and joy.  In-between utter confusion and blinding clarity.  In-between bad news and good news.  In-between darkness and light.  In-between hate and love. In-between death and life.  It’s the in-between day."